Top 10 TV Shows A College Student Must Watch During Their College Days

Did you know it is possible to binge watch till till your eyes bleed. Anybody who says otherwise, can be ignored. College days are meant for discovering the new and the exciting. From all the bad food in the hostel, burdening projects, horrible relationships and the high-strung hostel roommate, the following 10 television shows are exactly what you need as a get away. Sometimes the world can be a bit too much and retorting to binge-watching is just the way to go.


  1. Game Of Thrones

The talk of the hour even before the new season releases. The only TV show where theories, debates and arguments procure the satisfaction of watching it. A dark setting of the olden age rule which includes all the seven deadly sins. You have terror, love, deceit, black magic, fiction and nudity. What makes this show a gripping one is the story line and the intense portrayal of the characters. As a college student, watching game of thrones is like keeping oneself updated with the current affairs. It helps one strike an interesting conversation immediately.


  1. Stranger Things

This TV show is ideal for all the insomniacs out there. Why? Because night time is horror time. Stranger Things is the perfect choice for those who have a good taste in horror flicks. A TV show packed with all the classic goosebump material. It revolves around a small town, where everyone knows everyone and one shady event leads to another. A TV show which will keep you holding your heart with every beat.


  1. Mr. Robot

This is for all your hackaholics out there. Love the work of Anonymous? Watch this show then. A show which teaches you on how to become the coolest sociopath out there. Elliot, a Cyber security by day and a vigilante hacker by night, is the kind of superhero we all deserve. Well, that is still debatable. He dreams of a clean world with his not so clean methods. A gripping inspiration for all the tech geeks out there, this one is a must watch.


  1. Suits

We have all heard about the charming and disarming Harvey Spencer. His way of life and work is appreciable. This TV show is a motivation for the Law students out there. It is sassy, sophisticated and smart. The witty dialogues make up for your new Facebook or WhatsApp statuses. The un-cliched characters will make you fall in love with them, regardless of their role.


  1. Sherlock

So far, the only TV show with their brilliantly written plot which will keep you hooked from the very beginning. We have the movie and the book, but for those who want it in a gist and still feel like you know it all, watch the TV series. It comes with lots of suspense and witty jokes (sometimes, the jokes are very genuine). Holmes portrayed by Cumberbatch, might make you want to read all the books and watch all their movies.


  1. Narcos

What happens when you have so much money, you cannot handle it? Spend away? Or give it away? Not Pablo Escobar. Because he just buries it. Everybody knows Pablo Escobar and if you don’t, you should. The best part about this show is that the story line moves fast enough to keep your adrenaline pumping. A small time Columbian smuggler who dealt with knock-off electronic goods, becomes an international drug lord wanted by the US government. He is not your regular bad guy. He does good for his people with the immense amount of money he has.


  1. Flash

Finally a well-written TV show for all the comic geeks out there. The role of Flash, who possesses super fast running capabilities, bullet blocking mechanisms and well, much more. Because Barry aka Flash and his powers have no consistency. He discovers new ones through out the show. And that is why this series in gripping. It also incorporates other vigilante, making it worth the watch.


  1. House M.D

House M.D is the anti-hero of all the medical shows. The protagonist, Dr. Gregory House is not the typical I will give away my life to save you kind of doctor. He has a drug-addiction, he has a paralyzed leg, walks with a cane and is a physician with a deadly sense of sarcasm. The only medical TV show where the highlight is on the medicine and no the doctor’s love stories. It is real, it is genuine and extremely addictive to watch. Especially for all the medical student out there. The show also depicts graphic images of the human body. Exciting isn’t it?


  1. Breaking Bad

It is the ultimate teacher gone bad series. When Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher reaches the brink of his life, he decides to turn into a drug lord. A beautiful piece of art, which revolves around him cooking crystal meth with a drop-out junkie and his adventures through out. If you are a college student, then this gripping thriller is a must watch.


  1. Friends

Sorry, but this had to be there. Everybody knows about this show and if you do not, it is high time you do. A sit-com revolving around 6 people in a coffee shop, dealing with love, life and struggles. Remind you of something? That’s right, it is exactly like your college life. The episodes keep you wanting for more. The most addictive TV show ever. The last episode will leave you wondering, “What will I do with my life now?” The characters of friends become part of your life. Each one relates to any of the characters at a highly personal level. The most impressive part is, you turn into one of the characters. Fortunately, each character is a good and a successful one. You can be the sarcastic and witty Chandler, or the high-strung and motivated Monica, or the beautiful and sophisticated Rachel, or the funny and charming Joey and the awkward and stable Ross. They become family at the end of the show. A definite must watch.


So, there you go. Ten of the personally hand-picked TV shows of all time. Happy Binge Watching.

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— Post by Hita Prem, Content-Writer, SlicePay