Why should you follow your passion in life?

It has been long debated as to what should be the primary drive of life – passion or money? Though still in my early adulthood, trust me on this or don’t, money and everything else is just the background noise; passion is what helps you differ, lets you attain happiness and respect for life.

<p style="color:#d65050">Why should you follow your passion in life?</p>

Passion is the oxygen of the soul 

The moment you wake up in the morning, your passion is what pushes you out of the cosy blanket and it is so what makes you different from a crowd of commons. Above anything else, a passion is actually an attractive, sexy quality. A person with a passion and spark that glistens the eyes is bound to attract people when he walks in for interviews; in contrast to a droopy fellow with no purpose and goals.

The passion can actually be anything; it could be as complex as gardening and as plain as watching the TV; the point is to do something with all your heart. Like let’s say you are passionate about writing, in case as such, it should come from your heart in a manner that you zone out when left with a pen and a paper, so much so that disturbances don’t bother you until you’ve achieved your goal.

<p style="color:#d65050">Why should you follow your passion in life?</p>

Do it with passion, or not at all

You passion, as dumb as it may appear, will never go to waste. Passion could sound like scary and a difficult situation to be in and it might not even get you a job or money; but that’s the deal- passion is not necessarily to make money. It is like a doughnut that you eat every day, it makes you happy, you might even get sick of it after a point but on a lonely, low day again, you’ll remember that doughnut and it will make you happy – on the inside- like nothing else.

People might think you’re crazy to follow your passion
but hold back and ask yourself, do most of the people really matter? The ones who do will not question your drive and your love for anything or everything anyway; they are not judgemental pricks. Keep the close, shush the others away already. The point is to grow as a person and be something better everyday than what you were a day before.

Passion might as well help you meet a lot of new people;
usually everyone devoted to a field of action is bound to come out in the open sooner or later on a common platform and build a community for the common. It could be a writer’s club, a gardening society, gamers, artists or bakers. When lots of happy people come together and build something together, they make each other happy, they make themselves happy – and isn’t happiness and growth what we all should strive for?

<p style="color:#d65050">Why should you follow your passion in life?</p>

Life can be grand or it can be a crap. Pamper yourself, focus on your passion, and do something little to make yourself happy everyday. You don’t have to lose yourself in the constant battle of ‘what you ought to do’ and ‘what you want to do.’ Find the right balance. Set yourself on fire. Commit, inspire and focus. The planet is billions of years old, and your lifespan is merely a cosmic blink. There’s not a day to waste.

Who knows if there is going to be a tomorrow?

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— Post by Simran Kinra, Content-Writer, SlicePay