Tips for keeping your cool during exam season

There are good days, there are bad days, there are some of the possibly best days and then there are exam days. The exam season in itself is not only horrifying and stress-inducing but, to begin with, it is certainly one of those days when everything gets on your nerves and you just can’t take it anymore.

However, that is for the general. When it comes to me, I have never really cared so much about my exams to let it take a toll on me. How do I do it? Read below!

  1. Don’t make time tables

    A very typical habit of all of us teenagers in every exam season – time tables. I had been doing it until I was in class 8th and then there was this day of enlightenment when I asked myself – does it really make sense? We all make time table, we all decorate it, we all glorify it and swear by it – but do we really follow it? You know you won’t. Save that half an hour; invest it in a power nap or eat something.

  2. Eat well enough

    There is this common attitude or belief that prevails where students usually avoid eating until they have finished a significant amount of reading. The point is, studying burns up a significant amount of calories; so, you gotta make sure you make up for them by constantly refueling yourself. Reward yourself, aim for practicality, not for satisfying your shallow guilt.

  3. Hydrate yourself

    I mean, yeah, obviously, this is the last thing you could do to yourself. Firstly, water is required by your brain while you study in order to retain the information. And more importantly, there are anyway lots we go through when it comes to exam. Do you really want to go an extra mile by torturing yourself with thirst?

  4. Avoid stimulants

    Alcohol, coffee, tobacco, energy drinks – avoid all these fancy names. Consume as much you want on other days but for exams, just skip it as much as you can. All of them are temporary relievers, leaving only a hangover or a craving for more in future.

  5. Talk about it

    Now if you’re really stressed, like so much so that you can’t follow any steps and no WikiHow page seems to help you; pause for a moment. You might not have grades and knowledge but you got your pals. Talk to your family or friends about it, they are there for a reason! (I don’t mean call up your friend and crib about you should have studied for an hour, though, haha)

  6. Let it go

    This is to keep your sanity ‘cus that’s only what would go with you in the long run. There’ only a limit till you push yourself after which it becomes a botheration. Do not reach the threshold, take it easy and if you cannot, just let it go. Push your limits, do your best and BREATH.

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— Post by Simran Kinra, Content-Writer, SlicePay