Welcome to SlicePay unlimited!

Graduation date approaching? Well, we have got your back!

Come, be a part of SlicePay Unlimited. After all, college ends, but freedom stays forever.

At SlicePay, we have strived to be the bridge between easily accessible credit and millennials. It has worked wonders for the young generation to pursue their dreams with the freedom to live on their terms. And now, we take this a notch higher. To make things easier for millennials graduating out into the professional world and ensure they are empowered with secure credit we introduce *drum rolls* SlicePay Unlimited.

Previously, students who were approaching the end of their college education were constrained by their expected graduation date when it came to selecting a repayment tenure. Not anymore!

As a loyal user of SlicePay who’s nearing course completion date, we would like to welcome you to SlicePay Unlimited. Your college ends, but your SlicePay benefits stay as is. What’s more? As a part of this exclusive club, you get an extended credit limit of up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

That’s it! Welcome to the SlicePay freedom – freedom to live on your terms, forever!