Don’t let your friends envy you for long!

Now earn heavy cashbacks just by inviting friends to try SlicePay.

For every 100 invites you send, you will earn Rs. 50. So if you send 1000 new invites using your contacts on phone or email, you’ll earn Rs. 500. In order to start earning you just need to send them the invite and you win cashback even if they don’t order.

What’s more you ask? Share your invite code on social media platforms and get Rs. 100 for each user. All you need to do is use hashtag #slicepayshare and send a screenshot of your invite via email or chat to our helpdesk.

Hurry. Contest Started on 15th June and ends on 10th July. 

So, don’t let your friends envy you for long! Invite them to try SlicePay.
Not sure how to invite 1000 friends in 5 seconds? Watch this video.

P.S.- Read about our referral program in detail here.

Terms and conditions:

  • The maximum amount you can earn is Rs. 1000
  • The cashback will be credited on 11th July
  • All the amount you earn will be added as cashback to your SlicePay account
  • You can use the cashback to recharge Paytm wallet, Place an eComm. order using EGV
  • Cashback earned cannot be used on SlicePay Card order