Spend this weekend away from the city


A night with the mesmerizing nature always takes off the pressure of assignments and deadlines and helps you to reconnect with nature. Our beloved city Bangalore is the home for many such Night Trekking destinations which is a boon for the students in the city.

So, let’s have a look at few trekking destinations near Bengaluru,

Kunti Betta
Kunti Betta is a picturesque hill in the quaint town of Pandavapura, marked by the two hills at an elevation of 2882 meters. It is surrounded by some amazing picture perfect scenery and the beautiful Pandavapura lake. It is also the best place to take those splendid photos hence gonna be a busy place for that DSLR guy in the group.

Located 110km away from Bengaluru, it’s one of the most enticing places for the trekkers. This place offers a more adventurous trekking at night. If you are not exhausted from all night trekking you can go and visit Sangam in the morning which is a meeting point of two rivers, located at distance of 50kms from Bheemeshwari.

Nandi Hills
Being the top favorite place to visit on weekends for the Bengalureans, Nandi Hills also is a tremendous place for the adventurous trekking. Though it’s hard to get permission for trekking here, it’s a great place to trek once you get that.

Kabbal Durga
Kabbal Durga, a village with a temple and fort along its border gives nostalgic moments for the trekkers. Situated at a distance of 80kms from Bangalore, it is a must try Night trekking spot for all the brave hearts.

Situated 70kms from Bengaluru, Anthargange is a mountain in Shashtashrunga. What makes it a great place to explore are the cave like formations and the tunnels. This hill is at an altitude of 1712 meters from sea level. This place is also known as south Kashi because of Kasi Vishweshara temple which is located here.

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