SlicePay Success Story – Aman

Internship is an important step you take in your college life which can decide your future. Many people tend to choose the highest paying ones, while some stick to those which allow them to work from home. In a very few cases, it so happens that the internship you take up will end up becoming your full-time profession. Here is one such story of our intern who successfully made it his profession.

Making the right choice
Aman was an engineering student but wanted to get an internship in operations. It is often seen that engineering students take up internships and jobs from other domains but it is highly unlikely that they would take up an internship in a totally different stream. Though it seemed little unconventional at that point, it wasn’t going to stop Aman to pursue a career in operations.

Sticking to the choice
It was April 2016 when Aman decided to become a part of SlicePay family by taking up the role of SlicePay campus manager in Sapthagiri College of Engineering. Taking up the task of handling operations in his college wasn’t an easy one considering the pile load of assignments he used to get from college but Aman pulled it off with an ease.

The journey
The days that followed were attributing him with more responsibility which is a very much required trait from a college student. Aman was also an active user of SlicePay(formerly called Buddy) which gave him the knowledge of the product and how the entire process works. It helped him in completing tasks with better efficiency. His journey with SlicePay as an intern continued till the end of his college journey then he was hired as a full-time employee at SlicePay.

The destination
Aman is still an active part of SlicePay, working as an operations executive. 2 years at SlicePay have only added to his growth, experience and learning curve. When asked how did you feel when you took up an internship at SlicePay, his response was ‘The best, I mean both the feeling and decision and they haven’t changed yet!’

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