All you need is LOVE… and a nice Testimonial

So going by our testimonials, reviews on PlayStore and Facebook, and some of the sweet things some of you have said to us on our Help Center, we are kinda convinced that there’s something happening here.

You feel it, we feel it too. It’s the beginning of something new, yet familiar… and we think by now, you are there. We are there. We think it’s…LOVE!


…and we want to give back. To prove to you that we are invested in this relationship, as much as you are. We want to announce for the world to see it, to feel it, to spread it.


Post a testimonial on Facebook and/or Instagram with a picture or video featuring you talking about how SlicePay has helped you or why you love SlicePay so much, and share it with your friends! Remember to include the tag #slicepaylove so we can track your post easily.


• Top 5 Posts with most engagement (likes, reactions, shares) will get you Rs.1000 Credit Limit! We will announce the winners on 5 June 2017
• Adding your referral code to your post could get you referral earnings of upto Rs.200 per invite (So 10 Friends signing up = Rs.2000 Credit Limit) See how
• Adding your referral code also automatically enrolls you into the Referral Contest, so making engaging content could get you upto Rs.30000 Cashback (Whaaat!?) See how


Crazy right? That’s what love is 😉


Some tips to get the most out of this:
• Use both Facebook and Instagram… but don’t post it too many times!
• Include your referral code… as clarified above, it’s always good to include your referral code 😀
• Post onto groups that you’re part of, especially student groups where this would be relevant. Posting this on random groups might be seen as spam garner negative reactions!
• Tagging friends on your post will definitely help it gain more visibility.

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