5 Reasons Why A Student Needs SlicePay Internship Program

SlicePay, a leading microlending platform for students is offering a 3 months(Work from campus) internship program for students from Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Vellore in marketing-Ops. The students enrolled in this internship will be designated as Campus Managers and will earn a fat stipend for working only 1-4 hours a day from their campus.

Five reasons to intern with Slicepay:

1. Earn upto Rs 15,000 stipend
Yes, you can earn upto 15,000 just by working 1-4 hours a day from your campus. That adds up to your pocket money, doesn’t it? Based on your performance you will also be getting incentives and bonus.

2. A certificate of internship from SlicePay
You will receive a certificate after the successful completion of the internship. A certificate from a start up will look pretty good on your resume and will be an added advantage for you during the placements.

3. A certificate of excellence from the founding members of SlicePay
If you excel at your work and reach all your goals you will get the certificate of excellence directly from the founding members of the SlicePay which can make you a star and give an extra edge to your portfolio.

4. Opportunities of permanent roles in SlicePay
Based on your performance and the requirements you can get hired for a permanent role in SlicePay for the roles in Marketing, Business Development or Operation domains. It means you can make your dream come true and grab a full time opportunity.

5. Get mentored
Our dynamic startup team will always be ready to guide and mentor you on various topics and not restricted to your domain. With the startup culture you can learn a lot about the startup culture and its intricate aspects. It will enhance your knowledge and experience so you’re already a professional while stepping into the job world!

With all these perks SlicePay internship program will be a kick start to your career and a wonderful learning experience.

So, what are waiting for? If you are a student from colleges of Bengaluru or Chennai, apply for the internship right now.

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