Opportunities, risks and more…Set sail on the Credit Ship!

‘With great power comes great responsibility!’ remember this iconic dialogue from Spider Man? Well, this is usually true in most of the scenarios of life. One such power you get to enjoy is Credit! Now even students can experience this power, which comes with the responsibility of paying back in time. So, if you are wondering whether you are up to sail in the credit ship or not, the answer always is YES.

The Passenger: What if I don’t use Credit at all?

It feels like such a safe choice but so is having a ship and never setting it out to sail. There is an entire ocean of opportunities waiting for you and you got to take the anchor off the shore and sail with the credit ship. Moreover, credit becomes a major part of your lifestyle when you step out of the college and it is a safe choice to be prepared for it.

The Sailor: What if I use the power of credit and be responsible as well?

That’s what makes a good sailor. You are halfway on your way of becoming more credible person and you will be rewarded with good credit score (know about it here), lesser interest rates, more opportunities of getting credit, a better lifestyle, dates in your favorite restaurant, importantly a sense of responsibility and peace of mind (know more about it here).

The Pirate: What if I take credit and don’t repay it?

Well, wear that scary eye patch, you have become a pirate. It’s like being that ghastly villain you always hate. There will be a superhero (CIBIL) who will hunt you down and make sure you won’t get to enjoy the powers anymore. You won’t be given further credit, you will be blacklisted by most of the credit card providers, your lifestyle will be affected and also you may have to cancel the desert in the date.

Knowing how credit is safe and a smart choice for a credible person, if you feel you are one such person, go ahead, draw the anchor and sail into the ocean of opportunities with the power of Credit!

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