Carry a backpack full of experiences after your college… with SlicePay!

What does it take to shine amongst the shamble of rocks? What does it take to be different, to be special?

Some might say money, support and friendships. It is true to some extent. What we think is that it takes experiences. What is most important for a well rounded young individual is to have experienced as many things as they possibly could in the years they have spent on this planet.

The experience to travel to a new and different place, interact with different people and cultures, to immerse yourself in a journey that doesn’t start and end within the hour on your Netflix account. To actually be feel the mountain breeze in your hair or the splash of sea spray on your face.

The experience to own and be familiar with the latest in technology, have access to the best equipment and push the limits of your academic work. To be informed about everything that happens all over the world, with a blazing fast internet connection, sitting in not a lavish– but comfortable apartment that you have rented out close to your college.

The experience to be able to sit back and relax with a beer when the times call for it. To be sheltered when the clouds go dark and the skies
pour down. To be able to provide this shelter for a friend in need.

The experience be able to ride your way to college, zipping through the traffic and always being on time for everything. To be popular, an all rounder, a shining star amongst your peers. To surpass your parent’s expectations that they are unable to contain their pride. To prove to your loved on that you are everything they ever need and will ever need.

Now you think we’re just describing the unachievable ideal yuppie privileged by godsent superpowers. Ideal, we agree, but it is very much achievable. All you need to reach your full potential is a little push. A splash of credibility and a drizzle of contentment knowing that somebody has your back– for all your dreams, ideas and experiments.

SlicePay gives you the head-start that you need to get beyond who you are, besides who you are surrounded by. With Rs.60000 Credit and a blossoming credit score, you get access to the best financing options with the least amount of stress…SlicePay gives you the superpowers.

Let us take care of your college life while you pave the way to your future. Let us build your credibility, and your pool of experiences. Let us grow together into the ideal yuppie. Let us be friends.

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