SlicePay College Rankings: The Good and the Bad

At SlicePay, we try and make credit available to as many students as possible. After all, it is what we have set out to do: bring about the Credit Revolution for students early on. As a credit provider however, we run into certain problems that are potentially harmful for both, us as well as our users. Hence, we have introduced College Rankings!

Utilising credit can be uplifting, fun and helpful if done correctly, but give credit into the wrong hands and you know you’re asking for trouble. Trouble with CIBIL authorities, trouble with getting loans in the future, trouble with credibility and trouble with leading a happy guilt-free life.

Based on the repayment behaviour of our users from various colleges in Bangalore and Chennai, we have prepared this list of the Good and the Bad based on your College Rankings. Colleges where users have been repaying and using credit correctly versus colleges that we have begun to be a little cautious about owing to bad repayment behaviour.

Those of you who are in the top 5 colleges- Kudos to you! You are doing a great job, securing your credibility and you have us by your side throughout! The ones that fall into the bottom 5– we understand that you might be repaying on time. Most of your peers however, aren’t. This can affect you as well. SlicePay might consider pulling out of the colleges that aren’t improving their Trust Score month over month.

This is a team effort, a change that needs a leader to step up and ensure they change the way their peers use credit. Is that person you?

To change your colleges ranking to get out of the bottom 5, all you need to do is convince your peers– your fellow SlicePayers to pull up their socks and improve their repayment behaviour before it starts affecting YOU!

Top Ranking Colleges 😃

Bangalore Colleges Trust Score
IFIM Business School 9.80
Mount Carmel College 9.55
R.V.College Of Engineering 9.50
Vijaya College 9.35
PES, South Campus 9.16
Chennai Colleges Trust Score
SRM University, City Campus 9.14
Dr. M.G.R Educational and Research Institute 8.97
Vit University (Chennai Campus) 8.65
SRM University, Ramapuram 8.56
Vel Tech 8.24

Bottom Ranking Colleges 😒

Bangalore Colleges Trust Score
Nagarjuna College Of Engineering & Technology 5.50
Cambridge Institute Of Technology (Citech) 4.72
School Of Engineering And Technology – Jain University 3.96
East West Group Of Institutions 3.42
Sheshadripuram Degree College 2.31
Chennai Colleges Trust Score
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science 7.84
Saveetha Engineering College 6.54
Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology(HIET) 5.80
Aarupadai Veedu Institute Of Technology 3.44
Bharath University 1.78


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