SlicePay Success Story – Raju Nath

At SlicePay, we are always looking for a reason to celebrate… whether it’s hitting a milestone or realising how we make a difference in our customers’ lives.  Here is the success story of Raju Nath, a student of New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru.

When did you start using SlicePay?

I started using SlicePay about a month ago I guess. There was a buzz going on about it and I stumbled across one of their quirky posts on Facebook or Instagram… I don’t really remember. I actually remember being slightly confused by the whole concept – Credit for students? Splitting payments? How would this work– and most importantly, why would somebody be doing this for us?

I signed up and applied for a Credit Limit, for which they approved me pretty quick. It was pretty straightforward– submit a few details about your self, upload college ID and address proofs. Zip, zap, zoom!

What have you used SlicePay for so far?

Initially, I was a little unsure about how this was going to work, so I started small and bought a Micro SD Card. I still wasn’t really sure how this works, being new to the concept of credit. All I knew was I need to pay for this in instalments.

I launched the app and from then on it was pretty much straightforward – found the product on Amazon, copied the link and pasted it into the SlicePay app and voila! They had a product page made ready with options for choosing the upfront payment, the number of months you want to split the remainder of the payment into. The whole experience was like a crash course into the Credit system… simple and clear.

My next obvious step was to go for the kill– in my case, a Moto G5 Plus. Amazing phone, quick delivery, amazing customer service… I can’t believe it was this easy!

How was your experience while using SlicePay?

Like I said, initially i had no clue how this worked, but just by placing the first order, everything became crystal clear. The SlicePay app guides you into the process smoothly, explaining at every step what to expect. All you have to do is place ONE order to figure out exactly how this works. There was a hiccup in payment one time– due to internet issues where I had to call the customer service, but they were extremely friendly and solved my problem immediately.

They also seem to understand me really well– unlike some other student credit services I tried out. The repayment dates are very convenient, their language succinct and quirky. It’s obvious that the guys who made this were students once– they really understand my needs well. It is somehow very relatable!

Anything else you want to add?

Yes! Their internship program is so exciting– I will be applying for it very soon! It is really important for students who are about to plunge into the professional world to have some sort of prior experience in the startup culture– real world experience. I’m so glad that they provide this opportunity… everyone should take full advantage of it!

Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate! It is customers like this that keep us going and motivate us to give you the best possible service plus experience! We were indeed students not long ago, just like you and we will work hard to ensure you get what you deserve! What’s your story?



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