SlicePay Success Story – Gautam

Meet Gautam Kumar, who joined the SlicePay team as an intern and with sheer dedication and hard work later got promoted into a full term employee.

Gautam Kumar, who was a student of Reva University joined SlicePay(formerly known as Buddy) on 11th Jan 2016 as an intern in Ops team(operations) where he used to handle 15 colleges and helped in the verification process. The 6 months in Ops team as an intern was challenging for Gautam and offered lot of learning and experiences which were again a part of learning. Handling 15 colleges’ verification process gave abundant exposure to Gautam and helped him to get the practical insights of the job.

On 4th July 2016, Gautam got promoted into a full time employee in Risk Assessment and currently works as a Risk Analyst in SlicePay. The new offer which was the result of his hard work as an intern gave Gautam the opportunity he had his eyes on!

“Internship can prove to be a stepping stone to your success if you make the good use of the opportunity and give your 100%” says Gautam while getting geared up for the challenges to come.

“We could see the dedication and passion in Gautam right from the beginning, at the end of his internship he had proved his potential and that proved to be a new beginning as a full time employee” says Anjoom, assistant manager at SlicePay.

SlicePay in the end is for the students and by students like Gautam. We strive to give you the best service and experience because we understand you… and we encourage you to hop onboard! Looking for a similar opportunity? Check out SlicePay Internships

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