SlicePay Talent Hunt

We at SlicePay are a team of young professionals who until very recently were just like you– students! Yes, we were ploughing the fields of our careers not too long ago, and we know what it feels like to be just another student in a million. 

We all have our talents and quirks, our unique personalities and views on life, which have been drowned in the clamour of a million other voices.

“There will come a time,” we pacify, “when the world will know what I am!” There will indeed come a time– it is now! SlicePay is now featuring exceptional students, just like you, on the SlicePay Instagram page.

Do you have an artistic flair or an overzealous imagination? Perhaps you are known to sing in the sweetest of voices or dance on the most elegant toes. Perhaps a camera, a pen or a guitar is an extension of yourself. Perhaps you are witty with words, or just plain funny– and all your friends know that about you. Perhaps you have a knack for technology or are bursting with disruptive ideas. Perhaps you walk down the foyer like it’s the runway and make heads turn with your unique clothes. Perhaps you’re just so wonderfully different that the world deserves to know you better, so it knows itself better.

Perhaps you deserve to be featured on the SlicePay Instagram page! All you need to do is follow us and send us a DM, describing why you want to be featured.You could also tag the posts you think are worth featuring with #lookslicepay. We will find you and showcase your work, so other like minded people can get connected and inspired. This would also be GREAT for your own Instagram page– expect a crowd of followers and admirers that will only boost your confidence and encourage you to contribute more!

Go on, get your name, face, talent and passion out there, so the world knows who you are and what you are worth!

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