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Have you watched Mr. Robot and felt how cool hacking is! If so, you might have tried to learn some tricks as well or at least bought a hoodie to look like a hacker. What if I tell you that it can be learnt from a YouTube channel and there is a guy who has been teaching hacks and tricks with his YouTube channel in his native language of Tamil.

Meet our talent of the week, Praveen, a student of Game designing from ICAT Media College, Mylapore who is trending on YouTube for his channel ‘Tamil Hackings’. Let us here what our Mr. Robot has to say about his passion.

When and how did you discover your talent?

I was in 8th standard when I got my hands on mobile phones. I was always intrigued by the possibilities and that’s when my quest began. It was in 2012 that I started my YouTube channel but for a longest time I left it abandoned– I wasn’t really sure where it was going.. I still have a passion for making videos, so 2016 was the year when I restarted my channel, blew off the dust and started uploading the videos on technology, hacks and tricks.

How are you contributing to the student community with your talent?

I am currently researching and uploading some really cool tricks and hacks which can benefit students. Since I am running it in Tamil language, I am reaching out to a whole new demographic that has so far been abandoned by the English speaking uploaders. Essentially I am trying to open up a whole new world of possibilities dedicated to students that speak in the native language

Does it go with what you are doing in life?

Most people judge their lives based on the role they play. They could be a dedicated son, a role-model brother, a good friend– or a contributing citizen. I feel the videos I make contribute to a greater cause… bringing about awareness and exposing students to possibilities. This is the role I play, and that gives me comfort.

So, what is your message to others who might be inspired by you?

My advice would be to give it a shot! Do your research, and find an audience that will truly benefit from it. Stay within legal limits. Learn from others and adapt it to your style and your audience. Be honest to yourself and to the viewer, and lastly, follow me on my YouTube channel.

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