SlicePay Success Story – Ijajahemad

How often does it happen that you love the music as well as the lyrics and it turns out that both are done by a single person? Meet one such person– Ijajahemad, the budding musician who sings the songs he writes himself!

How did you discover your talent?

To be honest, I draw my inspiration from what I feel. Most of the songs that I have written are owed to somebody special, a person I love a lot. When you write from within, based on your own experiences, the songs naturally sound better and authentic. That is what I want to put out to my audience and I am currently doing it through my YouTube Channel.

Does it go with what you are doing in life?

Songwriting to me is like taking a deep breath after a long workout. It nourishes me and keeps me going. It reminds me of who I am and where I am headed, and keeps the urge to make it as a singer alive. In a way, it is very much a part of my identity and makes me who I am.

Where do you plan to go with your talent?

I don’t really have a specific plan right now but I dream to work in Bollywood.. I wish to be loved by my country and the whole world.– and I know it’s going to be a struggle.

So, what is your message to others who might be inspired by you?

Whatever you do in life, do it with love, and most importantly respect the failures and learn from them. Repeated failures have taught me to be more pragmatic. I would urge everyone to keep working on your dream because it doesn’t really matter if you make it but it will definitely be a fun ride. 

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