How to make the best out of your college life!

Leaving behind the comfort and warmth of school, stepping into the alien world of college can bring a storm of mixed emotions to a fresher. With the very idea of new place and new people we all get super excited and for all it’s gonna be a hell of a roller coaster ride. We know these things since we were students in a not so distant past. hence we thought of sharing you some insights which can make these years even more fruitful.

Make friends, lots of them

There is one proven way to make these years beautiful and it has never failed in the history of mankind: making friends. Imagine that all your upcoming days are gonna be captured and put in an album. How beautiful would it be if the album is full of cherishable memories and the people who made them such. So, make friends and make memories.

Do open a book once in a while

Now don’t think someone else is writing this part. It’s still us, your seniors. We do suggest you to complete your assignments in time, attend lectures and get a good grade. It’s quite obvious yet something overlooked upon during the fun ride of college life. Consider these years as a videogame and to be a good gamer we need to enjoy the game as well as play it carefully. There is one difference between the college life and a game though, in the former the replays can be way too expensive.

Make the most of your holidays

This is something which most of us know how to do if not all. For the rest, here is what we suggest. Holidays are the best ways to take off the heat, what else can be the best place to do it other than the beautiful beaches around the city. You can also utilize the holidays to get closer to the nature by spending some time amidst the wildlife. Basically do what your heart wants even if it is running a marathon of your favourite tv series.

Grow to become a more credible person

Credibility is something which every employer looks in you as you come out of the college. Start becoming more credible by doing the tasks in the given time, taking up initiatives like conducting an event, take the responsibilities and handling them properly. Along with the credit card companies everyone else look for financial credibility in you. If only there was a way to grow it! Actually, there is, it is called credit. We here at SlicePay provide credit to students and help them become more credible a person. Grab the opportunities we provide, make your dreams come true and become a more credible person.

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