SlicePay Success Story – Chetan Murthy

Sculpting is the art of bringing life to a solid form. People choose lot of other materials to carve a beautiful sculpture out of them while choosing something as unique as a pencil can get really challenging. Meet our talent of the week, Chetan, a pencil sculptor and a sketching artist.

How did you discover your talent?

I was just another artist who wanted to try out something different. I did all the circus I could with the resources I had. Then somewhere in my head I wanted to sculpt. At that time all I thought of trying it out on a chalk. I gave it a shot and carved some nice sculptures which were the results of concentration and dedication . When I became good at sculpting chalk I decided to test my abilities by carving smaller items. I thought pencil would be an awesome place to start. That’s how my journey began.

Does it go with what you are doing in life?

In the beginning it was difficult to make time for sculpting as it took very long for each sculpture. Later when the lead started breaking I took it as a challenge and sat overnight to sculpt pencils. Finally after a long period of experiments and trials I could carve clean sculptures. Soon enough, I didn’t have to make time for it. It became a routine. Everyday I had to try a new sculpture to test my ability and come up with alternative if I failed.

Where do you plan to go with your talent?

I didn’t have much exposure to internet to check if my art was the first attempt. Later after few months I got well versed in sculpting and googled about it. I found very few people doing this. I wanted to expand this field of art. But for that I needed to become a recognised artist in this field. I practiced it regularly so that I can teach my students in future. Now I can confidently teach this art to people. Everyday is a new challenge and everyday there is something new cooking in another artist’s mind. Innovation isn’t bound by any borders. I sit and experiment new sculptures so that it is something different from an existing sculpture. Now I also upload my works in my Instagram Handle.

So, what is your message to others who might be inspired by you?

For everyone who is going to make an attempt in this field I would like to remind this is no walk in park. You will face a lot of failures in the beginning. To overcome shaking hands and to concentrate on something minuscule over hours will take quite a lot of patience. Don’t give up in the middle just because you didn’t succeed in completing a sculpture. Success is what you get after a bunch of failures. It will take a lot of dedicated concentration and patience to excel in this art form. Never lose hope and keep working even after failing. Keep practicing because it’ll definitely be worth it and I wish you all the best.

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