SlicePay Success Story – Johan

B-boying is an athletic style of street dance which has gained popularity over time. All those power moves which you see while b-boying are hard to learn and perform. Very few are brave enough to learn this art and make it as their passion. Let’s hear the story of one such b-boy, Johan from Tripura.

How did you discover your talent?

Since childhood, I’ve always had the urge to learn new things. On my journey I came across B-boying when a friend showed me some flips and tricks he learnt from TV. It was in the year of 2010. Since then I have been practicing the art along with my obsession for travelling.

Does it go with what you are doing in life?

B-boying is an art form. It helps me maintain harmony with my body and has always been a gateway to meeting new people from different parts of the world. I think this art form is going to take me places. Hence I can say It will go well with what I want to do in my life. For me the movement itself is life.

Where do you plan to go with your talent?

I don’t know exactly where it will take me… I plan to travel around India within the next 2 years and see the world through my own perspective and discover heaven in what I love doing.

So, what is your message to others who might be inspired by you?

My message would be not to plan anything out excessively. Do what your heart tells and cherish every moment. The journey is beautiful and it’s up to you whether you want to stop and smell the roses or walk blindfolded. Whenever life calls out to you, just take a deep breath and step forward.

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