Hobbies to learn in your college days!

Bored of the lectures? Assignments draining you off? What is a better stress-buster than a fun and productive hobby! Be it Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, everybody needs a hobby to rejuvenate themselves. Here are few such hobbies which can give you a new edge during your college days.

DancingHobbies to learn in your college days!

It is said that one should dance like nobody’s watching but what if you get so good that everybody can’t help but watch? The world is your dance floor, learn the new moves and step on the floor.

SingingHobbies to learn in your college days!

If the hand shower is your microphone and the people waiting outside the bathroom for their turn are your audience, you need to step out! If you have an Arijith Singh in you or an Eminem who can become the next rap god, introduce him to the world. Get registered for the singing classes and spread the melody.

FitnessHobbies to learn in your college days!

Every night you dream of becoming Jon Snow and every morning you settle for Samwell Tarly. The best way to overcome this laziness is to make fitness a hobby. Loving every minute of your training instead of loving every bite your food can make you a fit individual. So, pull off those blankets and break up with your bed, it’s the time to hit a gym.

PhotographyHobbies to learn in your college days!

Everybody likes to pose for pictures but only a few like to take them. If photography is what makes you capture the beauty in the world and tell a story without any words, then it is the thing for you. With every smartphone getting those powerful lenses, you don’t even need a DSLR to pursue photography as your hobby. All you need to do is get a class and learn the basics.

WritingHobbies to learn in your college days!

As Robert Williams said in Dead Poets Society “medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” If poetry and writing are what makes you feel nostalgic then there is a writer in you, make him better by reading more.

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