5 compelling reasons to study abroad!

Guest post by Incred:

[1] Skill Enhancement & Holistic Development – Whether you are a student in the pre-final or final year of your undergraduate degree or a working professional slumming it in the big, bad and boring service oriented companies in a deadbeat job doing the same monotonous work everyday, there is definitely a part of you that wonders if you can advance and enhance your knowledge, skill sets and network to fast track your career and gain a competitive edge in the rat race of life. One of the best options to accomplish all of the above is by pursuing your education abroad.

[2] Wider Research Options As per the findings of a work ethics survey by Hindustan Times and C-fore, around 52% of Indians do not enjoy their work and do not look forward to new challenges at work. Considering this, the option of studying abroad can be your ticket to securing your dream job in your dream country. This even applies to those of you, who instead of a corporate job, are interested in the research field. In fact, India spends only 1% of its GDP on research compared to 2.7% and 3.4% spent by the U.S. and Japan. Research in India is still a few years behind the rest of the world and studying abroad will put you in the company of some of the best minds in the world and can give you an opportunity to do some cutting edge work.

[3] Financial Security & Global Exposure – Gone are the days, when it was only the engineers and scientists who harbored a dream to study overseas. It is also fast becoming a popular choice for students interested in the field of business, finance, law and even liberal arts. An abroad education provides students with a better perspective of the world along with immersion of global culture while expanding their horizon and critical-thinking skills. To quote a recent Forbes article, “Studying abroad is no longer a luxury for the rich few but a social leveler for the fast-growing middle class”. For example, even though many Chinese students are returning home each year as it becomes more difficult to secure work visas, students still want to study abroad as they believe it will enhance their perspective and will give them an edge to create better products with the knowledge and experiences that they encounter abroad.

Closer home, many answers on Quora give us a compelling argument to consider foreign education. As the Quora superstar, Balaji Vishwanath, said in one of his answers,

“Ultimately, a big chunk of people who leave, are doing so for two main reasons:

  1. To uplift their family and secure its financial future. The family is the foundation unit of a nation. If all families are uplifted, a nation is developed.
  2. To work at the right level of potential. People are happy only at places where they can work closer to their potential. For some, this can be outside India [this some is less than 0.1% of Indian students]”

[4] Building Networks & Varied Opportunities – Even when securing a job abroad is not our goal, considering the H1B and  visa restrictions of other countries, an education pursued abroad, may help you start your own venture. The network you make while you study there will definitely give you an edge while starting something of your own. Apart from these, there are many other factors and benefits of studying abroad. A talk with Sejal Singhi, product head of Refinance Student loans at InCred gave us a better perspective to answer this question. As a gold medallist swimmer, who had an incredible track record at state and national levels, she knew that her achievements will count for nothing if she applied for her undergraduate studies in India. On the other hand, though her sporting achievements affected her academic performance, she secured admission in one of the top most schools in the US, Northeastern University. Her other reasons for choosing to pursue her higher education abroad included the application of practical knowledge which was a part of classroom learning. Also, Northeastern University is very well known for its co-ops which gave her an opportunity to work with BCG, a top tier consulting firm, while she was still pursuing her bachelors’ education. It also provided her with the flexibility to choose courses that she was most interested in and she graduated with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Photography.

[5] Flexible Curriculum – Compare this to the options that we have here in India, where we are forced to study the six mandatory subjects each semester decided by the University and even an elective is less of a choice and more of a compulsion. It taught Sejal the value of education, the knack of getting the job done and the value of money. It gave her the opportunity to explore different cultures and be more aware, tolerant and respectful of other people, their cultures and nationalities. It pushes you out of your bubble and makes you more confident by pushing you out of your comfort zone. Unlike India where “Question Banks” are prevalent in most colleges, universities abroad discourage the hand-holding and spoon feeding that students in India thrive on. They treat you like a mature, independent adult and that ultimately helps you in enhancing your personality and forces  you to be more responsible.

While all these are compelling reasons to go abroad for higher education, something that often comes across as an obstruction on this path is finances. And this is exactly what we are here for. Do not let money be a hindrance in the path of your success. So go about planning your dream education and get in touch with us if we can be of any help!

Looking forward to hearing from you on this article and any doubts or queries you may have on our loans for students.

Writer: Sanjana Panicker, InCred


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