What next after finishing your University Applications?

Guest post by Incred:

Once you send in your applications, wait patiently for at least 4 weeks for a reply from the University. Some universities mention a date by which they will be making decisions for each round, so keep a track of that. A website where you can find profiles of students who got accepted and rejected in real time is theGradCafe. Another website that is helpful is the MS in US Fall 20xx page maintained by Yocket and StupidSid. Universities often send out bulk admits or rejects to students, so there will always be someone on these portals to share your joy or grief.

Once you get an admit, your are asked to submit additional documents if required. Many universities ask you to provide a letter from your bank as a proof of funds. If you had applied for a loan earlier, you can get an early disbursement as the proof of funds is needed for your i20 document. The i20 document is what is needed for you to secure a Visa from the US Embassy and securing an early i20 can ensure that you get your Visa done on time. You may get the i20 document from as many Universities as you want provided you have secured an admit. It lists your Course, Duration, University and the source of funds for your education. It will also be required by your loan provider. Many loan institutions provide an Education loan only based on your i20, but InCred gives you a provisional approval for your loan even before you get an admit or your i20.

As resourceful as we Indians are, minutes after the bulk admits are sent out, Whatsapp groups are created and future classmates are already in touch with each other as early as March. The best source for these Whatsapp groups is the MS in US group maintained by Yocket. Once you are in the group, there are usually students with prior experience who take charge and guide the others. Google forms are enthusiastically filled in order to get to know one another better and discover room mates. From asking your food preferences, smoking/drinking habits, these questionnaires are extensive and provide you a great chance to choose your room mates carefully as you will be spending the better part of the next two years with them!

Another portal you must check out is AmberStudent, it is a portal for you to find homes to rent in the city of your education. It has a lot of good listings near popular universities where a lot of Indian students go, and they have an extensive network to help you with your room-mate search as well. Amber Student is an exclusive strategic partner of InCred, and we have great offers for our InCredible students!

Be prudent with your finances and book your air plain tickets early to get good discounts. Do a lot of research and many airlines give luggage allowances to students who are leaving for their education, so be sure to avail all those privileges.

Choose a good insurance provider and read up about the different companies and their different schemes. Healthcare abroad is difficult to get access to and is also undeniably expensive. Religare and Future Generali are amongst the best in the business and hence we have tied up with them as well to ensure you get the best insurance experience possible and are well taken care of when you are there. Speaking of health, come i20 season and it is often hectic and painful for you as you will have to get all your vaccines done. There are universities like Arizona State University which do not provide you with an i20 till you submit proof that you have taken all the vaccinations. They need you to take vaccines like DPT,Chicken Pox and Meningococcus. Different universities have different requirements and thus it is imperative to  check the student portal properly.

You will need to register for classes sometime in May. Thus, it is better to be proactive about it as there are limited seats for most classes. You will also have to be early to get classes of your choice or even the professor of your choice.

When you get all your i20s and have to choose between one, choose the university that is best suited for you. Many excellent universities often have a heavy tuition fee but don’t let this prevent you from selecting the best university. Location, quality of teaching, alumni network, coursework are the only things that you should be concerned with and choose the University that is the best where all these factors are concerned. Don’t let the high cost per credit or living expenses of the city deter you from choosing the college. A great college will propel you to a good job and career irrespective of whether you are abroad or in India, and it will definitely be an experience worth the money spent. Let us take care of your finances, and we will be there to hold your hand and guide you as far as your tuition expenses are concerned. Just send us your documents(Completely filled application form, test score cards, degree certificate, school and 12th/diploma certificates and your latest salary slip, if applicable). You need not visit any bank, any centre; the entire process will be done without you having to go anywhere. We will provide you with an Education Loan, not just with a letter but with great follow up service, from sanction to disbursement, and that is our promise.

Writer: Sanjana Panicker, InCred


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