SlicePay Interview – Saurav

Every student in his college life would come across situations when he needs to manage his pocket money smartly while not compromising on his lifestyle. SlicePay is determined to aid college students in this aspect by providing smart payment choice with credit. While students want to get their hands on such experiences, it is also true that they are skeptical about diving into credit world. To eradicate this confusion, we thought of talking to the graduates who used SlicePay and managed to get the best of it and are reaping the benefits of having a great credibility. On the quest of finding such user, we came across Saurav, who was an active user of SlicePay and is currently working after his graduation. Not to forget, he is still reaping the SlicePay benefits with SlicePay Unlimited. Let’s now listen to Saurav about his experience.

Hey Saurav, rolling back to your college days, what made you use SlicePay?

Well, like any other student I wanted to get the best of my college life and buy the things which I loved. One thing I always wanted to buy was an iPhone and keep my kidneys at the same time. It didn’t seem like an option at the beginning but one fine day, I heard of SlicePay. They were providing upto 60,000 Credit Limit for students and I fell under that criteria but my initial reaction was ‘meh!’.
As the days passed and I saw many of friends getting new stuff and managing their pocket money smartly, I felt like maybe I should take my shot at it. I, too, was little skeptical at the beginning and applied half-heartedly. I got approved for 4,000 Credit Limit initially and I gradually started managing my pocket money smartly. I started recommending SlicePay to my friends which in turn got me referral bonuses. Over the time, I got approved for 60,000 Credit Limit and I bought the iPhone that I had always wanted without having to trouble my parents about it.

How was your experience of using SlicePay?
One word: awesome. I am not telling it simply because I am being interviewed by SlicePay. It is based on personal experience for more than a year and this is what I have been telling to all my friends who ask about SlicePay. The reason behind this is divided into threefold. The main reason is how SlicePay nourished my potential to live the life I wanted. It never allowed me to compromise on anything. Though I was getting enough pocket money from my parents, I learnt to manage it properly once I started using SlicePay. I bought what I loved from the SlicePay credit and repaid using my pocket money.

As a graduate and a working professional, what is your message to the students who are skeptical about getting onboard with SlicePay?
I would like to say ‘do it’. I am not being pushy here and not at all suggesting to jump into the well without understanding the depth. What I am trying to convey here is ‘the thing you are jumping into is not at all well. It is a pool of opportunities and as you start your journey by learning to swim in shallow water you will gradually become the expert and start grabbing opportunities from the entire pool.’

One final thing, do you recommend SlicePay to your friends and journey?
I have referred 278 friends to use SlicePay and all of them who used it are happy with it. I think you have your answer. One thing I always want to mention is, yes it is indeed a great opportunity for a boon for our generation but you should know how to utilize it properly. If you make smart decisions and plan your repayment wisely, it is definitely gonna shower you with benefits. Always keep this in mind and enjoy your journey of credibility.

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