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While there may not be a book in every one of us, there is so often a damned good short story. Here, we bring you a story of an alluring young talent that will impel you to follow your passion.

Passion is an abstract concept that can’t be quantified on a spreadsheet, but that doesn’t mean it is not important or that it doesn’t change lives. But what exactly is passion? Is it the mere will to persevere even when all odds are against you and defeat is staring you in the face?

On the morning of 10th August 2016, Chinmay was stuck in a blizzard on about five and a half thousand meters, all by himself in sub-freezing temperatures of -20 degree Celsius, his limbs numb and eyes with zero visibility. As an eighteen year old mountaineer on his very first solo expedition, with no one to rescue but just his will to stay put and make it out alive, he encountered such massive odds that he wasn’t prepared to take on. After a two hour struggle at that altitude, with no water or oxygen, he was spotted by a Sherpa on his way back to the base camp and survived. Chinmay’s life as a mountaineer has taught him to grow and learn with every challenge he faces, even challenges that are life-threatening. It did crush him that he couldn’t summit this peak for which he had been preparing for nine long months, for which he had gathered funds by working part-time alongside college, but the moment he opened his eyes in the hospital,he thought “ I will come back for you, Stok Kangri.”

This will to persevere despite all the odds, a strange fire in human beings to find the strength inside their cores to seek what satisfies their conscience, he realised, is passion.

He has always been inspired to be different and not settle for anything ordinary in all aspects of his life, to live life on his terms, explore and put his core competencies to work in favour of his dreams. He has successfully used the qualities that he has developed as a mountaineer in his corporate and academic life, maintaining a perfect balance between both.

In March 2017, at the age of nineteen, he started “Range Adventures”, a travel venture dedicated to safe and affordable tours and outdoor activities with an aim of building value generated service and customer relations.He envisaged catering to people’s adrenaline needs, while helping them connect with nature; breaking the monotony of their urban routines. He has been working and volunteering as a trek guide and leader with many locally based trekking company since he was seventeen. Thus, giving him an unmatched insight into his current area of business since a young age. His efforts to make himself able, lust for knowledge and passion for learning have already made him step into the business world headfirst as an entrepreneur. And this very attitude of his to make the most of everything he is good at and convert it into an opportunity for his professional growth is what distinguishes him. Throughout his student life, along with excelling in academics, he has driven himself to be more than just a graduate, by utilizing his time efficiently and by tapping into opportunities. That is what makes him every bit of the entrepreneur that he is now.

He loves traveling alone and has been doing that for quite some time now, it has given him a sense of freedom and complete responsibility at all times but more or less, it is about the discipline that this life instills in him. Travelling solo, hiking and climbing mountains all by himself is something that he treasures and lusts for, and embarking on such adventures needs discipline. This life is extremely rewarding when it comes to experiencing new places, knowing new people and sharing stories.  The change of perspective that it gives him is something that can be experienced only by living in the moment.

Travelling and mountaineering are healing for the soul, they are his refresh buttons: a click out of normalcy and an escape in search of himself; a refill of my creativity and innovation which he brings into his business along with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction and adventure of the purest form.

He is a trader, trades his insecurities,  frustrations, ills and his demons, for patience, optimism, courage, dedication and most importantly an attitude to approach everything with an open mind and give his all into what he does. ‘It’s a great deal if you ask me, giving so less in return for something more than fulfilling. I do not quit on people or have a tendency to turn my back on my own dreams if I face hardships. If I encounter a mountain, let alone a roadblock on my path, I would climb over it without hesitation. This is who I am and this is what I do best’ he said.

An entrepreneur has to be not just good but great at gambling. He, too, gambles; as an entrepreneur and as a mountaineer. On the mountains he gambles with the resources he has: food, water, equipment and time, while his life is at stake. Hence, every decision he takes is directly related to his life, so when it comes to making decisions for his business where his money is at stake, his sense of judgement is more refined on how things need to be done. Also, the attitude that he knows how most problems are not as big as they seem and have a relatively simple solution aids him in taking risks and calculatedly gamble resources in his favour most of the times.

This is who he is: an entrepreneur who climbs mountains and a mountaineer who does business.

Here’s SlicePay wishing you the very best to all the great climbs you’d encounter near future.

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