How Not To Give Up On Your New Year Resolutions!

When did you stop taking new year’s resolution seriously? Is it because of peer pressure to seem cool or because you default your thoughts on giving up already?

Keeping up new year’s resolution can be such a pain but we can’t see anyone else but you getting benefited by keep them up. Losing interest is the first reason why you quit and not being motivated enough is another struggle. How much we wish we could be a little more healthier, more adventurous and less lazy this year? And how do we beat those reasons for not getting what’s on our mind always down?

We fetch you the answers that you craved for all this while. It’s time we got that plan checked off on our list.

Make them realistic.
Often, we take our goals too seriously and fall into the jeopardy of not achieving them at all like making a promise that you wouldn’t eat junk food at all in order to get healthy. Instead have a cheat day once in a month to fulfill all that cravings but make sure to figure out a way not to cheat too often.

People do what they love to do!
We all are passionate about one cause or another. Some may enjoy outdoor adventure, some reading, some dancing and so forth. That’s because it makes sense to their existence and reason to life. Do not give up on things that you’ve always loved by giving adult excuses. Try and make time for your passion every week to relive all that stress that has been consuming you.

If you don’t love to do it, find a reason to do it.
Losing interest on the run is common. Sometimes, all we want is the result and not the journey that would take us there. But as said in the past, there’s no shortcut to success and you will have to take that not-so-interesting journey. Stay on track and think about why you started every time you feel like giving up.

Take it one day at a time.
We have always been covetous in our desires and we want them in a short space of time. We’ve been too greedy to understand our pace or take it slow. Rome wasn’t built in a day but neither did they give up on it the second day, consistent practice and motivation is the key to make anything happen.

Putting up with these facts which you’ve been trying to repress can help you realize your goals. Quitting is for losers and this is the time where you decide who you want to be. Certainly, you’ll be glad you made it, this time around next year.

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