Your chance to be a CEO!!!

It is a dream for most of the students to become an entrepreneur and run their own company. Some of you may also be planning to start your business as soon as you graduate. What if we tell you that you don’t need to wait until your graduation to become a CEO?


Well, it’s true. Now you can be a CEO while you are still a student and run your business successfully. Wooplr is turning this dream into a reality. You can register with Wooplr by following some easy steps and set up your own store in minutes.

This could be your chance to be CEO for an entire month at Wooplr and earn a prize of Rs.1,00,000!

Check it out now!

This sounds cool, so how can I set up a store?

Just signup on Wooplr and open a store for free in minutes. Start adding the products to your own store which you can choose from 50,000 unique products. Once your store is set up, start sharing the link to your store on social media. Whenever someone buys an item from your store you will make money.

How can I become the CEO of the month?

You have to pass 3 levels of exciting tasks. Unlock each of these levels successfully and
you’ll finally arrive at the CEO of the month ticket. Once there, you can lead them as CEO for an entire month and enjoy the perks of being the boss.

The best part: Earn on Wooplr and use the earnings to repay SlicePay!

Pursuing your dream by becoming a CEO also means making money when you are still a student. You can use a portion of that money to repay us which also means you will be paying your bills from the money you are making. That’s the way to go, CEO!



If you are not interested in opening a store or becoming an influencer, you can still purchase the cool products these owners are selling with the SlicePay credit. Don’t compromise, as you already know, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later with SlicePay!’



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