SlicePay Pay Later Card – How to use it!

SlicePay is bringing virtual pay later card to students. Now with the card, you can make payments on 1000+ merchants. We have prepared a tutorial to explain the working of the SlicePay Card and how you can get the best out of it.

Card activation and use:
  1. You need to activate your card by confirming your name, email address and mobile number. Accept the terms and conditions and wait for a few minutes to get a SlicePay card assigned to you.
  2. Click on view card details to reveal the 16 digit card number. Click on view CVV to see the 3-digit CVV number. Remember, CVV number will be visible for less than 10 seconds, but you can reveal it as many times as you want.
  3. When you are done shopping at the merchant of your choice, in the payments section, just enter SlicePay Card details in the credit card option and proceed with payment. You will be required to enter 16 digit card number and CVV to proceed.
  4. Enter the OTP you receive on your registered mobile number to complete the payment. Wait for success message from the merchant.
  5. To view successful transactions, go to SlicePay app and see your transactions under the current billing statement.

Basic information about the card:
  1. You can make transactions from 16th of a month to 15th of the next month, it is called billing cycle. These transactions will be funded from your available SlicePay Credit Balance directly.
  2. All transactions done on the card will be presented to you in the form of a “Bill” for the month on the 16th of each month. All new transactions will go to next billing cycle.
  3. Once a bill is generated, you can choose to pay the entire outstanding amount in the same month. Or you can slice your bill into 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 payments, to be paid every month. This will be considered as a single order for that billing period.
  4. Along with transactions on the card, you can use SlicePay Credit to recharge your Paytm wallet. All Paytm recharges will be considered as separate orders.
  5. You can check transactions done in any billing period by going over to the “Bill” section on SlicePay.
  6. With SlicePay card, you can shop at 1000+ merchants within India without any hassle. All this will be available to you for a one-time fee of Rs 30, that will be added to your total due for the month.
New terminologies to understand:
  • Billing cycle: A period between 16th of any month to 15th of immediate next month.
  • Bill: List of all transactions done in a particular billing cycle.
  • Transaction: Any payment made to a merchant using the card.
  • Slice: Splitting the card bill into monthly payments of available tenure. Buy now, pay later.
  • Order: Any Paytm transaction or card transaction with more than 1-month tenure. When a bill is sliced, an order is created. An order has to be repaid my paying monthly payments.
  • Credit charges: The extra amount user has to pay for every order placed by them. It includes interest charges, service fees and taxes.

P.S. SlicePay Card is released only for the Android app, will be launched soon for iOS & Web platforms!

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