The Freedom Is Here!

The wait is over. Freedom to chase all your dreams and is now much simpler with the all new SlicePay Card.

What is SlicePay Card?

SlicePay has partnered with MasterCard and Federal Bank to make payments easier for you! Now you can shop at 1000+ online merchants with SlicePay Card and as usual, just pay later. Safer than a debit card and better than a credit card, this card is designed especially for India’s youth, with early access to students!

What it isn’t?

This card is based on SlicePay’s existing model. That means:

• This card is not a Top-up/Recharge/Wallet card. It is loaded with your Credit Balance, and it’s limit equals your SlicePay Credit Limit.

• You do not need to fill the card with money separately before making a purchase. All you need to do is activate the card and you’re good to go!

• Your card limit equals that of your Approval Band. Your Credit Balance on SlicePay gets reduced every time you use the card and increases every time you repay. Click here to learn more about the SlicePay Card.


Disclaimer: For approvals, SlicePay will be following its existing Risk Model. The time taken for approval depends on each individual’s details separately. We cannot accelerate the approval process for any individual based on special requests placed on the help centre, email, phone or any other form of communication. We encourage you to apply for the credit limit, but please be patient for your approval. All the approved users of SlicePay can claim their own SlicePay Card.


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