SlicePay Card – You will NEVER forget your college life!

Life is nothing but a box full of experiences, dreams, memories and surprises. Now is the time to unwrap that box and live your life to the fullest. There can be many moments which you want to experience during your college days, many dreams which you want to fulfil. Here’s how SlicePay can make your dream come true!

It’s the time to feel proud of yourself
Owning India’s first student pay later card and embarking the journey of credibility is something to feel proud about. It opens up a world of opportunities and experience that you never knew existed!

Want to travel the country? Scale the Himalayan peaks? Sail the warm southern waters? Raft on rapids? Now is the time. With SlicePay Card, you have the privilege of getting the best of the best: that expensive dinner at the fancy restaurant, those fancy recliner seats in the movie hall, the most leg space in your flight, the best view in the stadium.

We all have a dream, untold and unattempted
That childhood dream of learning to play the guitar and the memories of mimicking the DDLJ songs somehow ended with our childhood. There are many such things which we wanted to learn, we wanted to become but as we grew old, we found excuses to leave them behind.

Now is the time to chase them and make them come true. With SlicePay Card to support your dreams, nothing is impossible. Get your brand new guitar or DSLR and pay us back later!

To experience happiness, make someone happy
When was the last time you gifted a memorable to someone you hold dear? Even if it is yesterday, it is not too early to surprise them again and that little surprise can put up a smile on your face too.

Head out to any of the online merchants, select the product you want to gift. Use your SlicePay card to make the purchase. Gift now, pay us back later.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
It’s a beautiful thing to experience something for the first time, we all know that but how often do we try doing something new? The next time you think of doing something, going to the places you have never gone before, learning to swim, dance or sing. There will be nothing which can stop you.

Use your SlicePay Card to pay at thousands of online merchants, ticket booking apps and online courses. You just need to decide on what you want to do, we will make sure you do it! Download our Android app to get your own SlicePay Card.


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