Save Big On Repayments Using SlicePay Card!

Having the early access to credit is an important step in becoming more credible a person but hefty interest charges may scare you out. Don’t worry, SlicePay Card has come to your rescue. While enjoying all the benefits a student credit card can offer you, you can still save big on repayments.

Doing Paytm recharges with SlicePay to pay on various merchants? Now you can save on interest charges by paying directly with SlicePay Card.

Let’s take an example

Suppose you wanted to buy airplane tickets worth Rs.3000. One route is to recharge your Paytm Wallet using SlicePay, and using that recharge to pay for the tickets. The other route would be to use SlicePay card directly on the ticket merchant website. Here is a comparison of how much you will end up paying in both the cases:

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You save Rs.58 on just this one transaction!

  • It is half of the annual interest given on savings bank accounts!
  • It is 4 times higher than the Swatch Bharat Cess!
  • It is probably the percentage of attendance you fall behind in achieving 75% target 😀

All the savings you make on SlicePay Card transactions will eventually add up to a considerable amount! So, this is the time to start using SlicePay Card on all your transactions to save big on repayments.

Haven’t gotten your SlicePay Card yet? Get it here.


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