Journey towards Google – Shafaf’s success story!

We all have a dream company where we want to get placed, a career which is on par with our passion. This dream can start at any time, maybe in childhood or may be at the beginning of our college life. The thing many people aren’t sure about is where it would end. Maybe because of the peer pressure or when we realize what it takes it to make that dream into a reality, we often dump it in the Arabian sea. Here is a story of one such student who instead of quitting on their dream, pursued it and made it to his dream job.

Shafaf is a student in Garden City, who joined in 2016. Right from the beginning, he was more interested in matching right aperture and shutter speed than matching the balance sheet. It was all good when he was taking the photos from his smartphone and getting appreciation from his friends. That was not enough to pursue his dream, to become a professional photographer, a good camera was necessary. As we all know it is not very easy for a student to purchase a camera which costs 30-40k. That’s where SlicePay came into the picture, with the help of SlicePay Shafaf bought a DSLR on 25th December 2016.

The journey after that was pretty much clear, with the right tool and the right talent Shafaf starting traveling places and taking pictures with his newly bought DSLR. After traveling to different places and taking a lot of beautiful pictures, he got a reference from a friend to work on a project of Google. Guess what, after few days he got that project. He still travels throughout India but as a professional photographer. Before we ended the call, we thought of asking one final question which was ‘how do you manage your expenses now?’ and the answer was ‘SlicePay!’

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