Don’t pause… just recharge!

You are running a marathon of your favourite show on Netflix and you get a message, your subscription is about to end and you still have 2 seasons to watch. We all have been there, fast forwarding the episodes and trying to make that marathon a sprint. Well it doesn’t work that way, does it?

Be it a TV show marathon on Netflix, a 3 months course on coursera or a Jio recharge. They all need a recharge to keep the ship moving. The next time that happens, you will have a savior with you, SlicePay Card. With the launch of India’s first student pay later card, students now have numerous possibilities they can explore. Recharging your subscriptions is one thing you all during college days and SlicePay Card takes care of that as well.

Get ready to manage all your subscriptions. The first step you need to do is activating your SlicePay Card, if you haven’t done it already. Once activated copy the card details to clipboard, go to the payment page on Netflix, Coursera, Jio or Amazon prime. Just paste the card details you had copied and ta da, your recharge will be taken care by SlicePay Card.

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