A day in a college student’s life

You might have read about daily routines of Bollywood celebs, their kids, and their dogs but ever wondered what a day in college life looks like? You are a student, you know how your day goes, a rollercoaster ride of its own kind. Here, we have noted down the ups and downs of that ride, go through your life as the audience, rest assured goosebumps are guaranteed.

The snoozing
There are two kinds of students, one who snoozes the alarm and the one who sets the alarm to ring after every 10 mins. You can be either of them but not the one who wakes up after the first ring. Once the morning chores are done, the dilemma is whether to have the breakfast or to take a shower. Nevertheless, the food always wins. Considering the sacrifice you have already made, you wouldn’t want that boring breakfast from the mess. Well, not most of the students want it either, so they end up ordering breakfast from Swiggy or Zomato.

The attendance
We know how important it’s to get that 75% attendance mark and the struggle behind it. Some lecturers may be sweet enough to let you in but what about the attendance? Woh toh gaya. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you may want to take the faster route a.k.a the Ola or Uber route. Does that help? well it does most of the times.

The lunch/breakfast
You might not have skipped the breakfast but there are some brave people who did, for them it’s a breakfast at 1 PM. This is the best meal of the day, a quality time spent with friends and some tasty food adds up for it.

The attendance… saga continues
Now you don’t have the problem of reaching classes before the bell but do you want to? Well, I am not gonna answer it. Some classes, labs and of course bunks are the main activities of post-lunch session. Wait, what about the attendance? Take that scientific calculator out and see if you still fall under the 75% attendance criteria after bunking this class.

The bunk
Here the team cohesion comes into play. Whether to bunk or not? What are the plans after bunking the class? Will there be a proxy attendance? Who is gonna pay for movies? It usually takes an entire hour to come to a conclusion. Once arrived at a conclusion, it takes only a minute to book the tickets and start the ride.

The assignments
The evening is the snack time, workout time and chilling time for other people but for you, it’s the assignment time. Running for photocopies of the notes, trying to copy the exact same thing, trying to increase the number of pages by drawing bigger diagrams are the time-saving tricks which have always worked for our ancestors. After a few hours, the assignment becomes bigger in length and less in content. Congrats, you would have made an ‘Aag’ from ‘Sholey.’

Time to bring out the fighter in you. The battleground is ready and you are the warrior. Gaming has always been a favourite activity of students. Once it was counterstrike, now it’s PUBG but the spirit remains the same. A true warrior doesn’t rest until he wins the battle and you are no exception. The battle will go on as long as there are bullets in your gun and a friend who will give you the med-pack.

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