How a college student can make the best use of Amazon Prime Day Sale!

Amazon Prime Day Sale has begun and everybody is rushing to get the best deals before the stock-out. A lot of college students like you may be wondering how you can make the best use of it? We understand the dilemma, hence we have listed the ways you can make its best use.

Haven’t subscribed for the Amazon Prime, do it now!
Since this is an exclusive sale for Amazon Prime subscribers, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime to get the exclusive deals. Amazon Prime has become more affordable now, you can get the monthly subscription of Amazon Prime at Rs.129. Subscribe now, if you haven’t already.

Best time to buy laptops
Since colleges are about to start, you may be looking for a good deal on laptops. This is the best time to end your search for an affordable laptop. Go through the student laptops section of Amazon and pick the laptop which matches the specifications you were looking for and add it to the cart.

Get the smartphones for smarter prices
One more thing which is a must in your college life is a feature-rich smartphone which can do the multitasks just like you and take cool photos for you. Some of these smartphones are exclusively available on eCommerce sites and most of them will be available for lower prices during this Prime Day Sale. Make the best of this opportunity and get it for the price which will envy your friends.

One place to buy your college starter pack
A cool backpack, some study materials, books, apparels and a nice pair of shoes makes for the best starter pack for a college student. Guess what, all these things are available during the Amazon Prime Day Sale at unbelievable prices. Just pick the things you like and add it to the cart.

One card to buy them all – SlicePay Card
Added all your favorite products to the cart, now it’s the time to make the payment. Here, you have the opportunity to go for a smarter method of payment which is paying later. SlicePay Card is India’s first student pay-later card which is here to help you buy what you love. Just select the payment method as credit card and fill in the details of your SlicePay Card. Just shop now and pay us later.

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