Using SlicePay Card is now absolutely FREE!

Your college journey should be free from worries, free from regrets, free from excuses and your SlicePay journey… free from interest. We realized it and hence we have made our SlicePay Card absolutely free. Yes, you heard it right. Activate your SlicePay Card for free, use it for free and your orders will also be free of any extra charges (including interest) for upto 50 days.

We want you to experience the freedom of transacting now and not worry about payment till later. Also, we don’t want you to be held back by interest and other charges – so, we’ve made them go away!

Now you can choose between paying upfront and paying later, in both cases you won’t be paying anything extra. Go ahead, use India’s first student pay-later card to shop online, book movie tickets, rent cabs, order food and just pay us later at no extra cost. Please see below on how to avail the zero interest feature:

  1. Place any number of orders between 16th of the current month and 15th of the next month using SlicePay Card.
  2. Bill will be generated on 16th of the next month, slice it before 25th with the tenure of 1 month to avail the interest-free feature.
  3. The offer will be automatically applied once you slice your bill with 1 month tenure.
  4. No interest will be charged on your bill if the tenure is 1 month.
  5. Pay by 5th of the next to next month. Simple!

Also, did we tell you the card is absolutely free as well? Activate yours today, if you haven’t already. More here.

So, go ahead, spread those wings wide. We’ll be supplying the wind 🙂

PS: This offer is valid for transactions made on and after 16th September, 2018.

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