Contest: Your creativity could win you a MacBook Air!

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known and it’s your creativity. Participate in the #slicepaylater contest and get rewarded for your creativity with a brand new MacBook Air! Think you’ve got what it takes?

#slicepaylater contest

Contest ends: 30 November


Just follow the below steps to enroll yourself and get into the race.

  1. You must be an approved user of SlicePay Credit to participate in the contest. Apply now for SlicePay Credit now if not done already.
  2. Once approved, you can start sharing your ideas but you need to place your first order on SlicePay before 30 November to be eligible for the contest.
  3. Just share your creative idea of how SlicePay is helping you here.
  4. You can also share the ideas on social media with the hashtag #slicepaylater.
  5. You can share a maximum of 3 creative ideas.
  6. The contest will run from 21 September to 30 November.
  7. Our team will pick one most creative idea and the SlicePay user who shared that idea will win a MacBook Air.
  8. The winner of MacBook Air will be announced on 5 December.
  9. There are no other criteria to win the MacBook, only the creativity will get you the grand prize.
  10. This contest is offered by SlicePay only. Apple or Google are not associated with or sponsors of this contest.

Not sure what to share? Here are some examples for your reference.
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That’s not all…

Here are some extra goodies you get with your SlicePay account:

Activate and use your SlicePay Card for FREE:win macbook air, free slicepay card, no credit charges, shop without extra charges
Get your hands on India’s first student pay-later card for FREE. Shop at 1000+ online merchants using SlicePay Card and just pay us later without any extra charges for upto 50 days. Activate it now from here.

Cash Transfer:win a macbook, slicepay cash transfer, pay later with slicepay, slicepay macbook contest
Need money for daily transactions, just top up your Paytm wallet with SlicePay Credit and pay us later.
Soon you will be able to transfer your SlicePay Credit directly to your bank account. Stay tuned and read more about it here.

18 thoughts on “Contest: Your creativity could win you a MacBook Air!”

  1. I would be thanknfull for slicepay ever ……just because of this one only im continuing my student life in easy way its like credit card to everyone and there no presure to pay it back above mentioned text is not enough to price sp team thank u slicepay ..a student never get a creadit card in a banks without any income ……but this team fullfill that …..and as a student i have been fullfiling my dreams.

  2. We (friends) went to goa and after coming from there we all were broke….and we didn’t have money to purchase food… at that time I was having a limit 20K… SlicePay was newly introduced….Thanks to the restaurant (Happy singh da tadka and SlicePay)….we all peacefully had our dinner and paid the bill next month.
    SlicePay is life savior.

  3. Slice pay make my burden slice in to different helpfull ways
    1-help me to share my budget when ever I require money and I am falling short of Mony then 1st think come to my mind is slice pay.
    2-help me to take what I was thinking wether to take or not, slice pay gave it’s hand of sharing and make my burden of thinking less.
    3-slice pay is the best in slicing a student burden for finance.
    Hope and regards for slice pay to grow more and share more helping hand to people require money !🤘

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