Hello Delhi, we have arrived!

Freedom lies in being bold” – Robert Frost

After delighting millenials in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Vellore, we at SlicePay feel elated to announce that our next stop is – Delhi. Why should Delhi Pay Now for experiences when they can pay for it later – for free!

Why Delhi?

Well, the hundreds of applications from Delhi coupled with our ability to scale operationally with full efficiency helped us take that leap in the capital of India with a purpose to serve you closer while staying closer.  Took us a while but you know ‘all good things come to those…’ and all that.

Wait, who are you again?

SlicePay Card is your privileged gateway to financial freedom! Upgrade your lifestyle to own things and splurge on experiences that matter to you and enjoy the freedom to pay later. Get shopping, pay bills, book cabs, watch a movie – simply pay later in EMIs, for FREE!

You get up to Rs 60,000 credit to spend on your terms. Have a hobby to pursue? A new MacBook to learn coding on? That long awaited trip to Ladakh? Do it all with SlicePay.

With the credit amount, you can:

  1. Shop on 1000+ online merchants
  2. Transfer cash instantly to your bank account or paytm in a few taps.
  3. You can pay it all in one go interest free or convert your month’s spends into low cost EMIs.
  4. Get cashbacks from your favorite merchants and assured rewards when you refer friends.

Get on board the SlicePay life and tag your friends along too!

Great! What else?

Your SlicePay Card is absolutely free and you can activate your SlicePay Card with basic documentation – your college ID and Address proof. That’s it! Your card will be activated within an hour.

Are you from Delhi? Embark the journey of freedom. Apply Now.

Come, intern with us!

Oh, and by the way, we have internship opportunities open in Marketing and Operations. If you or any of your friends wish to pursue studies and also earn up to Rs. 20,000, hit us up here.

– Your friends at SlicePay!

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