Introducing The SlicePay Physical Card.

The same SlicePay freedom, now swipeable!

The freedom to live on your terms – this has been a defining statement from us since our inception and today we raise the bar, even higher. We have taken a step further in ensuring our users enjoy the freedom to spend and experience at their convenience – stress-free!

We are delighted to announce that the SlicePay physical card is here and pre-bookings are now open! Go ahead, pre-book and get your exclusive card before anyone else.


1. Be a proud owner of your exclusive card with the freedom to transact anywhere, yes, anywhere. Swipe in malls, restaurants, shops, bill payments – the possibilities are infinite!

2. Bring in the power of SlicePay to your everyday purchases without the hassle of paying anything upfront. Swipe here, swipe there, pay a single amount next month.

3. Transact using your card and pay later the next month – interest free! No additional charges, no more multiple cards or methods to transact. Just one card that solves it all.

4. Convert a longer list of purchase into low-cost EMIs. What more? Pay minimal interest only on the amount used.

After delighting lakhs of millennials with the power of credit with their online purchases, the physical SlicePay Card is here to delight them offline and this is just the beginning of grander things to come.

Pre-book your exclusive card now.

PS – Update your app now to pre-book your own card.
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Team SlicePay

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